Angels we meet in difficult times (54)

Unless you’ve been here, you’ll never appreciate the sweet sweet taste of life’s beauty unraveled by the oddest people we meet.

Here’s just one glimpse that will last a lifetime.

1987, My wife, our baby girl and I are living thousands of kms from our family and community trying to build another community to give people hope.

I worked a full time job which barely paid the rent and place food on our table.

One of the families we reached had all sorts of problems, money was not one of them.

While my wife and I lived on the tightest budgets, frugal was definitely our gift, we were visited by a business man at our house.

He didn’t want to embarrass us in an way but felt compelled to bless us. He was a bit surprised that we would share the little food that we had with his family.

We heard a knock at the door and when we answered it, this gentleman walked in with bags of goodies with the biggest smile on his face saying, “Look what fell from the back of a truck”. He didn’t buy us necessities, just goodies. He just wanted us to indulge once in a while.

To him, it was the least he could do. His life was being restored, his marriage and family were being restored.

Over the years this gentleman continued to bless us just because.

I’ve been fortunate to meet men and women for decades that have blessed us when we needed it most.

They were like angels in disguise reminding my wife and I that our service never went unnoticed.

Unless you’ve been here, you’ll never appreciate the sweet, sweet taste of life’s beauty unraveled by the oddest people we meet.

Be open to angels in disguise, be a person of integrity and mission and they’ll come when you least expect it

Grow your faith and be open to blessing when you least expect it.

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