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“I am just a grain of sand”

During my visit in Manhattan, New York I’m asking random unsuspecting people big questions about themselves and society. From the homeless, business people, lawyers, producers and this guy.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

I’m sitting in the foyer of the hotel and couldn’t help but take this perfect framed pic of a man having his coffee break across the street.

I had to know his name and his story, so I went across the street and sat with him. As I suspected, he is a deep thinker.

He served in the US airforce, a Vietnam vet among other things.

I asked him about his hope for America.

He goes on to share ~ “Please don’t judge my country by what you see in current politics, we are a deeply diverse country which is the true heart of America. I miss some of the leaders that unified our nation rather than polarised it in a type of factionism, reversing the clock”

I asked if he worries.

His response “I’m at peace, I personally don’t worry for myself, I’m ready to move on to the next life” (A deeply spiritual man with a gentle spirit)

It’s hard not to respect someone who has little to prove to the world.

I then zoned in on him again.

~ “What part do you play in the grand scheme of life?”

He lifts his hands slightly in the air like someone surrendering to my overwhelming question and says ~ “I’m just a grain of sand in the cosmos, my part is insignificant”

My parting words to my new brother of humanity were “Even a grain of sand strategically located in the show of those trying to destroy the greater good can agitate their attention to bring wholesome change.

Remember it only took a strategic stone in the hands of an insignificant shepherd boy to bring down the relentless intimidating voice of a Giant”

He acknowledged the point.

We shared some mutual conclusions about life and I left him to enjoy his morning contemplation.

Back in Australia, I can’t help but feel the same. The state of politics is so Luke Warm, So Wishy Washy that the common voice is beginning to rise. The voice of social consciousness.

This is my absolute confidence, that the people themselves will rise in their circles of influence and be grains of sand in the shoes of those who have lost grassroots values.

United we stand, divided we fall.

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