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There’s no escaping, so don’t waste a minute (Lesson 46) 90 day challenge

Plan like you’ll live forever, live like it’s your last breath.

It may sound morbid but I’ve always been fascinated by funerals, even taking photos with my 35mm Camera back in the seventies at a family burial.

I’m surprised no one stopped me and thought it may have been distasteful, maybe they saw the value of capturing moments in time like physical death that is irreversible.

As I got older, I like most people lost the value of living in the moment. As a result I saw calendar years pass by wasted on matters that offered very little substance to meaning and true worth.

Ten years ago I looked at death in the face while sitting on a beach contemplating my own end. Death terrified me as it wooed me onto the smallest room in the universe.

The room was cluttered with to do lists, urgencies and what if’s. The longer I stayed in that room, I felt time ticking away, my breath shortening and the knot in my stomach growing.

Death has a way of frittering away hope, relationships and possibilities. I had all the outward trapping but inwardly my spirit was withering.

How does one beat death, is it even possible?

It just took a split second to turn everything around, I faced death in the face and it lost its sting.

Like a drowning man, I gave over, I stopped struggling and to this day I can’t explain what happened, life germinated in me.

A life force was activated beyond my will power. The small room that I was trapped in had a wide open door open to the world of possibilities.

Each step I took opened greater possibilities.

I’d love to take credit for fixing myself, but I can’t.

I’d love to show another person step by step how they can beat death, but I can’t.

What I do know is this, physical death is inevitable, even I contemplated shortening that by my own hand.

Spiritual life is eternal and it was activated in me when I let go of the body and mind to embrace life.

If we believe we are temporal beings, our actions will validate.

If we believe we are eternal beings, our life will validate.

Jesus said, “That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit.”

If you find yourself trapped in that room that is shrinking life out of you, let go and let God in.

It couldn’t be simpler, yet for some it will take a lifetime to come to this conclusion.

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