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True freedom seems frightening (Lesson 47) 90 day challenge

I raced my dog on a track and field and he didn’t stay in his lane, he just raced all over the field having fun.

Then the thought occurred to me ‘The day I stopped running in the fictional white lines painted by my previous task masters was the day I discovered a new world’

I’m all for boundaries set by my creator, moral law, integrity. I can assure you, they are far more interesting and majestic than white lines we finite human beings paint in the grass that will fade away within a season.

Learning to run your race and not restricting yourself takes three steps

  1. What are you trying to achieve?
  2. Give yourself permission to experiment beyond limits set by others
  3. Create skills that gives others confidence that you’re capable of running your own race

Most people comply because true freedom can seem frightening



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