Tom Smilovitis

40 plus years in Leadership & Personal Development

Train your team anywhere without the downtime and associated costs. Enhancing accountability and developing Leadership & Management skills in every person is key. Unlock your team to efficiently engage in autonomous roles.

The world has changed dramatically through digital disruption. Businesses are increasingly struggling to keep up the demands of providing quality goods and services that reflect competitive prices. Training every person in the team, from senior executives to entry level positions is an evolutionary process and must be addressed regularly to stay competitive.

Tom Smilovitis Leadership & Personal Development brings out the best in each person. The aim is to increase workplace effectiveness and wellbeing. Basic areas of service include managing multiple sites or large teams remotely and effectively. This requires a unique set of Leadership & Personal Development Skills to maintain long term profitable outcomes for all stakeholders.

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Taking basic skills and transferring those skills to others requires Management Development. Most individuals struggle to pass on their trade skills for fear of losing their own status within an organisation. In order to grow as an individual and as an organisation, trade secrets must be passed on to multiply success. Management Development gives any potential individual a pathway to continual growth and job satisfaction.


Working with individuals who have developed their management skills and seek to transition into a leadership role. Management and Leadership require completely different skillsets. Managers manage processes, Leaders Develop Leaders. Leadership Development teaches managers to grow in their lateral thinking. The Leader’s main role is to grow the people while the people grow the business.


Managers and Leaders often struggle to grow a team beyond their own experience. Team Building is about developing everyone in the organisation to grow in their own capacity. Developing a flat and organic organisation releases potential from the most unexpected team members. Team Building delivers job satisfaction to every individual within the organisation as they work on the common goal of success.


Every organisation can benefit from a Chaplain for all its individuals to have access and share their struggles from time to time. Chaplaincy is designed to give individuals a safe space and help them navigate their mental and emotional struggles. As a Roaming Chaplain, I work comfortably with an entry level worker to the most senior executive. With over forty years’ practical experience in family business, senior positions in the corporate sector and the not-for-profit space, I’m well versed in life’s challenges in the workplace. Chaplaincy is becoming a new form of workplace wellbeing with meaning. Any organisation who is serious about Corporate Social Responsibility will benefit from this service.

The term Roaming Chaplain was coined by a News Article published in 2015 when launching the concept in the Perth Construction Sector. Roaming Chaplain hired by WA construction boss to help workers


High-net-worth-individuals, business owners, Influencers and those who are in positions of power often struggle to find a person to share private information without partiality. Over the years I have noted an increased need to fill the role of a Confidant as a service provider. Individuals who have embraced this service have found it to be refreshing knowing they can share with someone who has their greatest interest of wellbeing at heart.

Other services include, Motivational Speaking, Commercial Property Consulting, Corporate Events Management.

Tom Smilovitis – Principal Facilitator

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